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We’ve got it all for leather jackets with character, craftsmanship, and style. Our leather jackets are built for adventures, from moto jackets to bombers. You won’t want to stop thinking about these leather jackets for men. Wrap yourself in Leatherings’ jackets and coats this season. Check out the styles of leather jackets for men below.

About The Best Men’s Leather Jackets

Leather jackets for men have taken the world by storm, with its reformed silhouettes and style that enjoys a universal following. Speaking of men’s leather jackets, we have an amazingly wide range of the best real leather jackets.

Men’s Leather Jackets Crafted to Perfection

Top of the line materials and quality craftsmanship ensure that men’s leather jackets are crafted using premium full grain leather for added durability and long life. Hence, find the assortment of supreme leather jackets in cowhide, lambskin, goatskin, sheepskin, and calfskin leather. An impressive collection of biker and leather bomber jackets along with a combination of contemporary men’s leather trench coats and blazers. You will also find numerous leather jackets for men with hoods and without them. The outerwear you choose will be an extension of your personality, and so, whichever men’s leather jacket you get, will possess features that enhance its exclusivity owing to your unique style and preference. Although color is an important part of this creative process, style and shape, detail and personalization play an equal role that contributes to bringing your idea to life. To elevate the look of your biker leather jacket, you have an impressive range of options at bay; from leather finishes to jacket lining and other detailing. The commonly used aniline and semi-aniline finish is joined by nappa, nubuck, rub-off, pull-up, burnished, distressed, suede and other types of finishing. You can also opt for a tie ‘n’ dye effect that is more eccentric and personalized. The vintage leather jacket collection for men is simply stunning with a rich layer of patina that is natural and organic unlike the cheap ones that you often find on poor quality leather.

Wide Range of Colors Of Men’s Leather Jackets

Moving from classic neutrals to vibrant hues and moderate tones, men’s leather jackets can communicate multiple ideas, based on how it is worn and by whom and where. While black leather jackets for men may enjoy popularity simply based on its versatility and classic features, colors enable you to tell your story in a creative and complementary way, and Leatherings just knows how to get you started. While a brown leather jacket from the men’s collection is easy to style, the men’s leather jackets in red, blue, green, tan, and other colors are not that challenging either. Choose a real leather jacket with washed out ripped jeans and a basic tee for a casual look. Add a leather blazer for men for a more formal look. Make sure you pair it with tailored pants and a collared shirt.

A leather coat is an ideal addition to your wardrobe capsule as it can be used as an everyday staple; put it on top of your outfit for an immaculate and sharp look on your way out. While one can’t deny the versatility of a basic black leather jacket of our men’s collection, it would be outrageous to not underline the suave and dapper style of men’s brown leather jackets and other vibrant colors.

Men’s Leather Jacket to Match Your Aesthetics

From Ionic Black Leather Jacket that is one of our best-seller to the Bouncer Biz Black Leather Bomber Jacket or Furcliff Black Leather Coat, the men’s leather jacket collection is cosmopolitan with an immaculate design and high functionality. Buy a leather jacket knowing that all features assert dominance and self-assured energy to your overall demeanor when you wear it. Whether you want a leather jacket for men with a detachable hood or faux fur shearling, you have Leatherings as the one-stop solution for all. Some of the men’s leather jackets have quilted polyester lining while the other half is given faux fur lining for added warmth and comfort; a must-have for the colder months. Choose a genuine leather jacket from the men’s collection with sturdy hardware and rugged leather style. The designs are varied, you have notch, buckled, banded and other types of collar styles.

Customize A Real Leather Jacket for Men

Whatever you’re thinking we can craft exclusively for you. Although you have the option of shopping from our existing range of men’s genuine leather jackets, you also have the rare opportunity to customize your leather jacket to fit your personality and lifestyle, and our team will be thrilled to help you through this fun-filled, creative process. From design development, colors, materials, details and more, our customer service agents are here for you for assistance, advice or to answer any query you may have. The style and sensibilities of Leatherings are synonymous with function, craftsmanship and unique appearance.

Leather Jackets For Men By Leatherings

Mens Leather Jacket collection have their popularity among subcultures like punk, pop, rock and heavy metal; it’s where you’ll find a lot of customized genuine leather jacket mens with studs and patches all over.

When it comes to mainstream appearance, we all have been inspired by a lot of famous Hollywood actors wearing a leather product.

You might be thinking where to buy men’s leather jackets? have tried a beautiful jacket, looked at the price tag and decided you’ll wait to buy it but we made it easy on the wallet!

Leatherings is here to serve you with top quality and luxurious jackets at a reasonable price. Our huge varieties consists of vintage leather biker jacket mens, blue leather jacket mens, grey moto real leather jackets for men, mens leather coats and a lot more.

The Best Leather Jackets for Men Should Fit Good

Looking visually appealing is not just about buying new clothes, how many times have you purchased new outerwear and didn’t like wearing it for the second time. Why is that? It’s because the clothes you bought did not compliment your fit type at all. When purchasing a new genuine leather jacket mens, mens leather coats or any other racer jacket, always consider the fit as priority after quality.

For example, a quilted leather jacket looks good over skinny persion since the jacket itself is heavily padded or has diamond shaped texturing to add elegance. There are basically three body types Ectomorph, Endomorph, and Mesomorph. The three usually don’t exist in their purest form, which makes most men fall in between these types with some characteristic of each. Let us discuss the importance of fit.

mens leather jackets

How Should a Mens Leather Jacket Fit?


Atleast half an inch higher on the shoulder offers plenty of room to move, while at the same time allowing you to layer.


The sleeves must end at the top of the wrist. Not too tight or loose. Your hands should be visible as well as your watch.


Make sure the jacket sits perfectly over the chest area and allows you to zip up smoothly. A leather jacket stretches out after many wears.


Similarly, the jacket need to leave some room in the belly area. A little tighter can make you feel uncomfortable. Following this would surely help you choosing the perfect leather jacket mens that would compliment your natural shape in any season and last for years to come.

leather jacket mens



We provide you with 100% real lambskin and cowhide leather in styles and sizes. Our outerwear are made from the finest luxury leathers available.


From a casual coffee meeting to a Saturday morning stroll, our real leather jackets for men are a definitive staple of everyday life. You can throw our jacket on before adventure or after a long night out.


Timeless pieces from the edgy biker jacket to the minimalist trucker, these are all available in sleek designs and functional features. Our outerwear are both riding gear and every day apparel.

FAQ’S Related to Leather Jackets

Are leather jacket in style?

Yes, they are never been out of style in the first place. However, they do come with certain updated variations like distressed style, Shearling, Quilts, hood and a lot more designs that weren’t regarded as a style before. We have these types in our leather jacket mens collection.

Are leather jackets only for winter?

There is no better time for wearing a leather apparel. it can be layered up during blistering cold weather, as well as other seasons like autumn, spring and warm summer. Our leather inner is so warm, you can even style day in and day out.

What are these leather jackets for men used for?

Bomber jackets were initially used as flight jackets for protection again wind and freezing temperature during the Second World War they incorporated sheepskin internally for warmth. The modern-day jackets are primarily utilized for style however they do provide an adequate amount of warmth and protection.

Can leather jacket for men be business casual?

Of course, it can if you work in a casual business environment. Some offices allow semi casual dressing at work where outers wears can be worn. Our blazers are perfect choice for formal occassions such as business meetings, seminars etc. Black and brown are both business style color for men.

What is biker jacket?

Biker Jackets are an essential part of a motorcycle gear that protects the rider from fatal road accidents. Some motorcycle leather outfits are also used as fashion, an example of our negan jacket which in actual is a cosplay outerwear but can be used for riders and fashion purpose. Black leather jacket in biker style is a trendiest choice.

Are these real leather jackets waterproof?

Genuine jackets are not waterproof, water stiffens the material causing it to crack and lose its charm. However certain products such as duck wax are used by bikers for protection against harsh weather.

Can we wash a lambskin leather jacket?

Lambskin Leather jacket for mens cannot be washed in a washing machine; anyhow they can be cleaned using a mild soap or leather cleaner. While washing is not a good option since it can add wrinkles to the overall design.

How to dry cleaned leather jacket?

Dry cleaning services usually send your product to people who specialize in leather products; however, it is recommended you go to the correct one.

How to iron a leather mens jacket?

Leather items are difficult to be ironed, avoid direct contact between the surface of the iron and material. Make sure the heat is set to the lowest. We still recommend to never consider this option because it can ruin the structure.

Can leather biker jacket be worn in summer?

Leather should only be reserved for winters and fall is a complete misconception among people, wearing a mens brown jacket during summer might sound challenging but it’s not impossible. More importantly, you can pair it with your casual summer clothes. There is no odd feeling about it!

How to buy leather jackets?

There are virtually uncountable variations of fitted jacket mens each for different purpose and likings. To list few of them subdivided into color, style, and types.

  • Popular Colors: Black, brown, blue, grey, cognac, red, black jacket.
  • Unique Colors: Maroon, purple, Burgundy, Oxblood and olive
  • Styles: Black, Bomber, Motorcycle, Leather Coat,  Suede, Asymmetrical, Distressed, Classic Double Rider and Shearling Jacket.
  • Type: Lambskin, Goatskin, and Cowhide are the popular ones

What’s a PU leather Jacket?

PU or Faux leather is artificial leather the quality may vary according to different manufacturers. It’s comparatively cheaper alternative to expensive luxurious real leather jacket for men. It can last up to 2 3 years if maintained properly. Otherwise, a suitable option is to go for a high quality that will last longer.

Will a men leather  jacket shrink or stretch?

The simple answer is no. Leather Outerwears do not shrink or stretch if taken proper care of, the only way it might happen if dunked in water which is not recommended. One thing for sure is to avoid washing or using any type of chemical because this procedure can ruin the overall outlook.