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About Cafe Racer Jackets For Men

Commonly known as moto jackets by many, cafe racer jackets are one of the popular choices for men’s outerwear. Worn by various age groups and visible across many countries around the world, leather moto jackets, in particular, have added a generous amount of wow factor to modern menswear.

We have a range of leather jackets in cafe racer aka moto jackets collection that highlight the diversity and a dash of quality craftsmanship that underlines style in a fresh and wearable way. A cafe leather racer jacket is just as relevant to young individuals as they are to mature men of a certain age. Offering customers comfort, durability, and style that is truly their own, Leatherings is the perfect place to find leather cafe racer jackets to add a spark of interest to your personal style. Through our leather cafe racer jackets range, we offer you color, design, and meticulous detail.

Remarkable Craftsmanship and Detailing

Made from sheepskin, goat, or cowhide with treatments such as nubuck, Nappa, or suede, the sharp cafe racer leather jacket of the men’s collection is made from real full-grain leather to ensure longevity and strength of the material. The utilitarian look of the jackets is to cater to wider consumers; with vast storage, zipper modules, and statement collar styles. The accents and silhouettes of the jackets elevate its modern appeal making it a contemporary piece of self-expression.

Men’s Cafe Racer Jacket A Fashion Statement

Easy to pull off, a cafe racer leather jacket is an important piece in a man’s capsule wardrobe. A subdivision of motorcycle jackets, a men’s racer jacket has a minimalist design. Anybody who likes to wear subtle but functional jackets should get a leather biker jacket for their everyday looks.

Use it to dress up or down, depending on the preference and need, by pairing it with jeans, cotton chinos, and even khaki shorts if you like. Match the color of your leather racer jacket with your footwear and belt to bring balance and authority to your appearance.

Why A Cafe Leather Jacket Is A Versatile & Functional Choice

Leatherings abodes numerous men’s leather racer jackets; with versatile designs, silhouettes, and colors. From semi-aniline to pull-up, suede, rub-off, and many other fresh and feel-good finishes to multi-faceted linings, get yourself a cafe racer leather jacket, suede moto jacket, or (suede biker jacket)[/mens-suede-jackets]. it will add funk and suave to your demeanor. You know how they say the right outerwear changes your mood, and by default, your walk, a well-chosen men’s cafe racer leather jacket will help you do just that.

Customize A Cafe Racer Leather Biker Jacket

Whether you go for the basic black, brown, gray or tan, something a tad bit vibrant, or a combination of both, we’re here to assist you every step of the way. From design development, colors, materials, details, and more, our team is here for you, ready to help in any way they can. Should our existing cafe racer jackets in store not be something you’re looking for, how about customizing your very own leather moto jacket by making a request that’s just a click away.

Get a personalized custom leather jacket of your choice, embroidered or embossed from the men’s jacket collection. Our team can assist you with the design process, and help you recognize the effects of certain treatments and how your image would look in actuality. We cater to all sizes, one of our brand promises, and so, find your size from the regular chart that is available along with the cafe racer jacket for men. And along with that, you can get a tailored men’s leather cafe racer jacket to suit your petite or big and tall frames.

Mens Cafe Racer Jackets

Experience the classic feel of the minimalistic cafe racer leather jackets; it’s an enduring fashion piece that goes will almost everything in your wardrobe. Discover exclusive colors and styles at Leatherings.

What to Look For In Your First Leather Racer Jacket

Are you all excited about your new leather jacket and out of all the styles you’ve selected cafe racer jackets? We must say it’s a fantastic choice. The thing about the cafe racer leather jacket is that it’s a lightweight, minimal motorcycle jacket as well as an enduring fashion piece, so whatever your reasons are, you can always get good use out of it. Here are several options you have when it comes to buying a leather racer jacket. Make sure you pick the right one, the piece that with stay with you for a long time.

Color Options for Cafe Racer Jacket

The color of your jackets will be based on your requirements and taste, generally classic jackets were black and brown these colors are more versatile and laidback, so if you’re looking for pieces that can be dressed up with a nice-looking button-down shirt and chinos, as well as dressed down with graphic tees and ripped jeans, opt for brown or black tone so you can get the most use out of them. With regular shifts in trends, new jacket styles keep coming up. These include colors like blues, maroon, tan, and more. So if you’re looking to stay up-to-date with the latest trend this is what you need, it might not be the most versatile, and that’s precisely what makes it so unique, you can keep the jacket reserved for weekends and or pull them out of the closet when you need to stand out. Maybe you need a jacket to go specifically with one of your favorite outfits.

Design and Detailing for Cafe Racer Leather Jacket

After color; design and detailing is the most noticeable element of the jacket, and again this will depend on your requirements. Here is what you should look for.


There are many different types of collar, including mandarin, shirt style, lapel style, and more But, cafe racer jackets are made with small snap button collar, which helps prevent wind from entering into the jacket.

The Zippers:

Cafe racer jackets are made with high-quality central zippers; you will not find buttons or asymmetrical zippers in this style of jacket, because it was traditionally used by riders who use to race from one cafe to the other.


Cafe racer jacket may have four zipper pockets or two and something no pockets at all. The pockets are slick and never bulky or patched.


Traditionally the jackets were worn by world war soldiers who would race from one cafe to the other. Therefore the style was minimal without any bulky features that would cause hindrance while riding the motorbikes.

Cafe racer jackets should fit closer to the body without feeling tight; it should almost feel like a second skin. It makes sense because moto jacket men need to be snug to work optimally. Later the same style and fit were adopted by the mainstream fashion industry.

Now that you’ve understood the basics of cafe racer leather jacket i.e., color, detailing, and fit, you’re ready to make the right judgments on which one should you have.

Frequently Asked Question

What is a cafe racer leather jacket?

The soldiers of the Second World War often raced from one cafe to another; they required a super durable layering piece that could protect them from road rash and weather. The style was later adopted as a trend in mainstream fashion as now we call it “Cafe Racer.”

How do you wear a racer leather jacket?

Wear it with tees and jeans for an effortless look or wear it over a button-up shirt and chinos for a dressier look. The cafe racer jacket can do both.

What kind of leather jacket should I get?

Look for a hardcore biker look get an asymmetrical leather jacket, or if you want minimal style opt for the vintage bomber jacket and if your want a well balanced outerwear to go with your wardrobe the racer jacket is an ideal choice.

Are cafe racers comfortable?

The jackets are minimal with no unnecessary detailing therefore they’re super comfortable, the only thing you need to make sure is to get the right fit.

Cafe Racer Leather Jacket

When you’re out on a bike or going for a casual ride, Our Cafe Racer Jackets make you look like a real man and elevate your status while being a normal guy. You’ll find the right piece in the collection. Leather Motorcycle Jackets were popular with bikers and racers in earlier days and are now used for casual occasions.

The distinctive features of this outfit include a stand-up collar, a straight zipper, and a simple, minimalistic design. Almost every fashion man has a coat in his wardrobe to combat the bad weather. Still, the Motorcycle Riding Jacket is a fantastic piece of clothing that guarantees the wearer complete safety and warmth. The cafe racer leather jacket is widely available, but men enjoy wearing this style. The most common materials used are cowhide, lambskin, and goatskin. In other words, This will be your best friend for years to come.

The wearer prefers to wear a black color because it does not get dirty quickly, and they want to wear it with all of their dresses throughout the year. Brown Cafe Racer Jacket is attractive and comfortable to wear in every season and for any occasion because it all is currently fashionable. Wearing a leather jacket with the right clothing combinations such as jeans and boots is the most stylish way to wear it.

Attire your Personality with Cafe Racer Jacket

Leather Motorcycle Jackets are recommended because of their minimal design and detailing that suits any formal clothing. With different shades and designs, it can meet all the needs of street boys and motorcycle riders. A zippered pocket usually comes with it so that you can keep essentials safely in there.

Motorcycle Riding Jackets are much better than other styles and more suitable for daily wear. Parties, weddings, Halloween, and Christmas, are great occasions to use these. You can order different cafe racer-style jackets from us in high quality to get a great product with custom designs and features. At a reasonable price, you can get yours now.

Best Motorcycle Jacket

A new motorcycle riding jacket doesn’t have to compromise when it comes to style and performance. Even though our collection strives to have a great look, safety and function are equally important.

Almost all of our Leather Motorcycle jackets have armor as standard, and most have modern reinforcement fabrics like our Kevlar fiber-based XTM. The Genuine Leather Jacket collection also includes heritage-styled options, like the inimitable Trialmaster, as well as quintessential café-style motorbike jackets.

Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

What do you Wear with a Cafe Racer Jacket?

The casual street style looks best with a café racer jacket. Under the jacket, pair it with denim and boots paired with matching colors for a striking street style look. Adding sunglasses to your style will add an extra touch of charm. It is also possible to wear cafe racer leather to a semiformal event.

How do you style a Cafe Racer Leather Jacket?

5 Ways to Style a Cafe Racer Jacket
  • Black motorcycle riding jacket with a white T-shirt
  • Black T-shirt and pant with a brown Café Racer Jacket
  • Motorcycle Coat with silence and jeans.
  • Cafe racer with formal dressing