Guide, Leather Jacket Care & Maintenance

How to Shine Leather Jacket

How to Shine Leather Jacket

It is not uncommon for a leather jacket to wear out over the years. As you wear it, the sun will darken. Some people prefer the look of thin leather jackets over their new, non-abrasive counterparts. They look relaxed and inviting, which makes them a popular choice. However, some people prefer the original, untouched skin tone.

If you fall under this category and want to restore the splendor of your leather jacket, there is hope on the horizon. With a bit of work, you can reverse the dark tone of your Leather Jacket to make it shine again.

Don’t Leave It in Your Car

What’s wrong with leaving your leather jacket in your car? Many men and women keep their leather jackets in the car or in their cars for easy access. While leaving your leather jacket in your car at the same time will not cause any immediate damage, it is still something you should try to avoid. If you are left in a car, your leather jacket may be exposed to the sun, which will cause further blurring.

Even if your leather jacket is exposed to direct sunlight, the moisture inside your car can damage and weaken the skin, allowing it to dry out quickly. Do not keep it in your car to make your leather jacket shine again. Instead, take your leather jacket and go inside when you have finished wearing it.

Use Baby Oil… But Only Sparingly

Baby oil has many great functions, one of which is to restore the glow of dull skin. Also known as mineral oil, baby oil is a moisturizing oil that works well on the skin. To restore the shine of your leather jacket, pour a small amount of baby oil into a clean washcloth and massage the surface of your coat. You will want to make sure that every square inch of your leather jacket is covered with a small amount of baby oil. If you notice any accumulation of baby oil, use a separate washcloth to remove it.

The critical thing to remember is that baby oil goes a long way with leather jackets. Excessive use will compliment your leather jacket until it looks dull. But if you use only a tiny amount, you will restore the lightness of your leather jacket without overfilling it.

Clean It With a Damp Washcloth

Cleaning your leather jacket enhances its appearance; it can also help restore its luster. Over time, dirt, dust, and debris will settle on your leather jacket. This will usually not damage your jacket, but it can leave your coat looking dull and dull. The solution is to clean your leather jacket with warm water and a washcloth. If it is a little dirty, this should be enough. And for strong cleaning power, add a small amount of liquid detergent. By cleaning your leather jacket at least once a week, you will create a radiant look.

Keep It Away From Heat Sources

Try to keep a safe distance away from all heat sources when wearing a leather jacket. These heat sources can damage a leather jacket, including fireplaces, portable heaters, and stoves. Your leather jacket will lose moisture when exposed to heat. When your jacket evaporates enough moisture, it will appear uncluttered and faint.

Don’t Dye It

You may think that dyeing your leather jacket is an effective way to restore its shine. While much traditional clothing and apparel can be easily dyed, leather cannot. It requires a particular type of dye and a unique dyeing process. If you don’t dye it correctly, your leather jacket will have an artificial, unbalanced tone that removes its attractive features.

Therefore, it is best to make a mistake along the way by not dying your leather jacket. Even if you find a skin dye for sale, this process is very complicated for most people.

Use Leather Restoration Product

There are restorative skin products that can help rejuvenate the lightness of your leather jacket. They usually include soap or glue used on a leather jacket or other leather garment. Skin rejuvenation products are not designed for normal, continuous use, however. They are designed for use only once, which means you should not use them often. If you follow the instructions, just one application of a skin rejuvenation product should restore the shine of your coat. Just remember to use the restorative product evenly and carefully throughout your coat.

Keep It Moist and Hydrated

It is essential to keep your leather jacket moist and damp. Letting your coat dry will result in a more subdued look. This is one of the most common reasons leather jackets lose their light. But the good news is that you can prevent your leather jacket from drying out by following basic steps. First, ensure that your leather jacket is kept in a climate-controlled area. As mentioned earlier, the interior of a car is highly damp in leather jackets. This also applies to basements, attics, and storage areas. Second, apply a moisturizing product to your jacket. Conditioning products do not cleanse the leather but instead add water and other essential compounds.

Replace It With a New, Higher-Quality Leather Jacket

You can replace your thin leather jacket with a new, high-quality leather jacket if all else fails. High-quality leather jackets, such as those sold here at Leatherings, are less likely to fade and lose their luster than low-quality leather jackets. If you order your leather jacket from us, you can also use the custom customization option at no additional charge. Many other stores sell leather jackets in predetermined sizes, small, medium, and large. However, at Leatherings, we sell leather jackets in custom sizes to find the perfect fit for each order.