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How Tight Should a Leather Jacket Be?

How tight should a leather jacket be

A leather jacket has been the basis of a fashion wardrobe for decades. Worn by men and women worldwide, the coat shows no signs of ‘obsolescence’ and is a safe way to get to the point where you want to look the part. Over the years, the balance has changed little now that the leather jacket is no longer worn for work but for fashion.

Because leather jackets are usually an investment piece, it is essential to find the right fit so that they will see you through more wear. This guide will take you to what styles are available, how a coat should fit, and how to measure your chest, arms, and shoulders to achieve a timeless look.

Ultimately, the balance you need depends on your body type and how you plan to wear the jacket. Generally, if you are looking for something thick that will keep you warm, Leather Jacket may better suit you than a flying sheepskin coat, and this will have a different, stronger fit.

However, in this guide, we will look at the most refined and modern fit.

Choosing a style

The leather jacket listed below should likewise fit. Despite their slightly different styles, these jackets should have sleeve length and room for you all to be equal if you want to achieve a modern take on the classic look.


The biker jacket is one of the trendy styles and adds straightaway dominance to your outfit. Also known as the motorcycle jacket, the piece is often credited as shooting it to fame in 1953 when Marlon Brando wore this iconic leather jacket style in the hit film The Wild One. Since then, the jacket has been sported by some of the most iconic film stars and actors.


Also characterized by irrigation in the waistband and has an exciting history. This versatile object conforms to the shape of each body and is an excellent option for those who want to expand the presence of their shoulders and take a simple style.


Classic leather jackets have a slightly more relaxed shape than bombers and typically don’t have the extra features like buckles and belts that you might find on a biker jacket. The classic jacket is an excellent choice for a more simple yet effective look.

How Should a Leather Jacket Fit?

Now that you’ve chosen the style of leather jacket you want, it’s essential to know what they should look like and how they should fit when you wear them.

A snug fit

Many men opt for an increase in size when buying a leather jacket, but going for a too-big jacket can make your silhouette appear too boxy. Remember that genuine leather will stretch a bit, especially if it’s worn constantly, so this gives you some leeway if you think your jacket might be a little too short.

Make sure your jacket fits snugly over your shoulders and across your chest and waist. The sleeve should end where your wrist bends while your belt loop sits snugly.

It’s worth bearing in mind that your leather jacket should feel like a second skin.

Zipped up or down

When you try on a jacket, you should be able to button or zip it quickly, even if you’re not going to wear a jacket with zippers. For a more structured fit, some men choose to dress up the jacket, but more generally, try leaving the jacket open for a more relaxed look.

Taking your measurements

Once you have your measurements, you can browse the leather jackets in the store or online and know which jackets will fit best.


 Start by standing straight and loosening your arms. Apply measuring tape to the upper part of the chest and take a measurement.

Shoulder Width

The shoulders of your leather jacket should not be too tight or too baggy. Try on a jacket you already have that feels right for you. Then, take a tape measure, measure the width from the right shoulder seam to the left shoulder seam, and write down the measurement.

If you have someone helping you take measurements, get her to put a tape measure on your back from one shoulder to the other.

Jacket Length

To measure the appropriate length of your leather jacket, place a measuring tape over your shoulder and pull the tape measure up and down your thigh, around where it will sit under your belt and take the measurement.

Sleeve Length

The fitting sleeves are essential for choosing a coat that looks polished and sophisticated. Start by bending your arm and placing your hand on your hip – then measure from the back of your neck down to your wrist.