Leather Jacket Guide

How to Travel With a Leather Jacket

How to Travel With a Leather Jacket

Do you want to travel shortly? According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), the average American drives more than 10,000 miles each year. Whether you are driving or flying to your intended destination, you need to follow some essential tips to prevent damage to your clothing. This is especially important if traveling with a leather jacket, as improper handling or storage can damage the leather. So, consider the following tips when traveling with it to protect your leather jacket from being damaged.

Wear It

The easiest way to travel with a leather jacket is to wear it. If you are traveling in a vehicle, you can wear it while driving. If you are traveling on a commercial plane, wear it in the cabin. All major airlines allow passengers to wear coats and jackets, and there is no rule stating that passengers should not wear leather jackets. If it doesn’t make you uncomfortably hot, wearing your leather jacket is probably the easiest way to travel with it. You do not have to worry about someone mismanaging it, or it will be lost or stolen. Since it is always on your body, you can be relaxed knowing that it will be safe and secure during your travels.

Apply Leather Protectant

Before traveling with your leather jacket, apply a leather protection product. Available in stores and online, leather protectors make a name for themselves by protecting leather jackets, clothing, and accessories from damage. Once applied to a leather jacket, they are usually sold in spray bottles, creating a protective barrier on the fabric. It would help if you sprayed a leather protector on the surface of your jacket to increase its strength and resistance to damage. Leather Protector Spray does not protect your leather jacket from all kinds of damage, but any extra protection during travel can help.

Apply Conditioner

In addition to the leather protector spray, you should also apply the conditioner product to your leather jacket before traveling. We’ve talked about this before, but conditioning products are designed to moisturize the Leather if you’ve forgotten it. They contain water, oils, and other moisturizing ingredients that make the Leather strong and supple. Unfortunately, many people ignore the importance of conditioning their leather jackets. If you do not condition the leather garment, be it a jacket, shirt, or anything else, it may dry out. Eventually, it will expose the Leather to crack open, making it difficult or impossible to repair. The bottom line is that you need to condition your leather jacket before traveling with it so that it does not suffer from dry-related damage.

Bring an Umbrella

It is advisable to wear an umbrella, especially when traveling with a leather jacket. Leather is naturally absorbed, and its porous surface absorbs moisture from the environment. If you wear a leather jacket in the rain, the fabric will saturate with high moisture. Typically, the leather jacket dries without causing any permanent or long-term damage. But prolonged exposure to water — such as standing outside in the rain for several hours in a row — can take a toll on your jacket, causing mold to form. An easy way to prevent that is to bring an umbrella and a leather jacket when traveling.

Place in Garment Bag

If you do not want to wear your leather jacket while traveling, it is recommended that you put it in a clothes bag and then keep the jacket in your suitcase or bag. Garment bags are specially designed to protect clothing from damage. They are usually made of durable synthetic material with a waterproof design or a porous surface that allows the fabric to absorb. Whatever you choose, a cloth bag will protect your leather jacket so it will not be damaged during your travels.

Use Luggage Tags

It is also good to use a luggage tag when traveling with your leather jacket. If you lose your leather jacket suitcase or luggage, you will need to replace it. Losing luggage is a widespread problem in which millions of passengers lose their luggage every year. You can reduce the risk of this happening to you by always keeping an eye on your belongings. Additionally, if you lose your luggage by using the tag, you may increase your chances of getting it back. Put a tag on each item you carry with you and include your name, address, and phone number in this tag. Hopefully, this will not happen, but if your luggage is lost, the person looking for it can read the tag to find your contact information.

Make and Bring Homemade Leather Cleaner

In the days before you leave, make a homemade leather cleaner. If your leather jacket gets dirty, you can use this product to clean it quickly and easily. There are several ways to make a homemade leather cleaner: to mix water with distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle. Another method is to spray a small amount of liquid dish soap mixed with water. Using one of these home appliances, you can clean minor stains and blemishes on your leather jacket without spending on store-bought leather cleaning products.

Bring the Right Clothes

Lastly, be sure to bring clothes that fit your leather jacket. It sounds like common sense, but countless inexperienced travelers bring in matching attire. They realize that they have made a severe mistake until they reach their intended destination. If you have a brown leather jacket, for example, bring only black shoes, you can not create an attractive and cohesive look. Instead, bring a pair of brown boots to create a matching outfit with your leather jacket.