Leather Cigar Cases

Looking for a great gift, look no further than our leather cigar cases. This is the perfect way to carry your cigars and protect them at once! We have many styles available in different colors that will suit any taste or budget just right – don’t forget about personalized engraving on some items, too, if desired.

Cigar Case Leather

The British-style cigar travel case is the perfect accessory for your next trip. It has everything you need to enjoy two of our favorite pastimes in one stylish package, including enough space (and then some) so that even an eager smoker can pack their smoke on board! With this bad boy by the side at all times – whether traveling or just hanging around town–you’ll always be prepared no matter what adventure life brings along its way.”

Leather Cigar Case in the United States

There is no such thing as too much when it comes to the perfect gift. A cigar lover will appreciate any accessory you can give them for their hobby- even if they already have everything! So don’t be afraid of going into detail when selecting a leather cigar travel case.

The cigar case is a timeless accessory for men who enjoy Quality Time with their Cigars. Leather has been used to carry the cargo of choice because it’s durable and protective, making sure your precious smoke arrives in one piece at its destination!

Perfect Gift Luxury Leather Cigar Case

Give the perfect gift for your cigar aficionado friend! He will appreciate a personalized holder made especially with him in mind. A name or monogrammed design is key, so it can be used over time and always have somewhere safe to store his precious stogies when they’re not being smoked by their owner – which knowing guys like this sometimes means 24/7 (or at least until he gets another hobby).

Cigar smokers know the importance of protecting their precious cigars at all times which makes a cigar case an investment worth having. Leatherings offer a great selection to choose from, including custom-engravable stainless steel or leather with personalized finishing options like gold lettering on black background for something very memorable!
For someone who loves smoking as much as I do – you’re going to want this amazing engraved Full-Size Recipes Book by MyBcompletely Cooking Studios. Find the perfect leather cigar case at Leatherings. We offer styles for all your favorite cigars, including Churchill’s and Robustos!