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Our Men’s Leather Bomber Jackets with Fur Collars are designed to combine the timeless aviator aesthetic with modern luxury and comfort. Whether you prefer the rugged appeal of full-grain cow leather or the supple feel of lambskin, each jacket in our collection is crafted to perfection with first-class attention to detail.

Mens Bomber Jacket With Fur Collar: Rugged. Iconic

Experience the epitome of style, warmth, and sophistication with our meticulously crafted Leather Bomber Jackets with Fur Collar. These bomber aviator style jackets seamlessly blend classic design with contemporary fashion, creating a timeless addition to your wardrobe.

Iconic Style Meets Unmatched Quality

Our men’s bomber jackets with fur collars are crafted from premium quality leather, ensuring both durability and a luxurious feel. The supple leather provides a sleek and polished appearance, offering exceptional comfort and flexibility. The plush fur collar elevates these jackets, adding an extra layer of warmth and a touch of opulence.

Signature Leather Bomber Jackets Designs for Every Preference

  1. The Ranger: Crafted from soft, genuine lambskin leather, The Ranger boasts a distressed finish that gives it a vintage, well-worn look right from the start. With a quilted interior lining, detachable synthetic Sherpa collar, full zip front closure, and strategically placed pockets, this jacket is reminiscent of the iconic G-1 style.
  2. The Rebel: For those who appreciate a more rugged look, The Rebel features full-grain cow leather in black with a distressed finish. Designed in the style of the MA-1 bomber, it features an elastic knit collar, sleeve cuffs, and waist ribbing for a snug fit. The quilted interior and well-placed pockets add comfort and functionality.
  3. The Legacy Leather Flight Jacket: A tribute to classic aviation style, this jacket is made from premium brown full-grain cow leather. It combines the best features of the A-2, G-1, and B-3 styles with a leather collar, full zip closure, bi-swing back, and a streamlined silhouette without the knit waistband. This jacket is perfect for those who appreciate a blend of historic design and modern craftsmanship.

Men’s Bomber Jacket with Fur Collar: Built for Comfort and Durability

Our Leather bomber jackets with fur collar are not just about style—they are built to last. Each bomber jacket is meticulously crafted to ensure durability, warmth, and comfort. The plush fur collars add a touch of luxury while providing extra protection against the cold.

Versatile and Timeless 

These bomber jackets are versatile pieces that fit seamlessly into any wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for a classic men’s bomber jacket with a fur collar or a statement piece that stands out, our collection has something for every taste. Each Bomber jacket is designed to offer a tailored fit. Our focus is on creating timeless, iconic pieces inspired by military flight jackets from the early 1900s.

Our bomber jackets reflect our commitment to quality and authenticity. Each piece is a testament to skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail, ensuring that you receive a product that not only looks great but also performs exceptionally well in various conditions.

The History Of Bomber Jackets

1917: The First Flight Jacket In 1917, the US Army Aviation Clothing Board created “flight jackets” for WWI pilots to protect them from the bitter cold conditions of open-air cockpits. These jackets were crafted from horse leather or sealskin and lined with fur for insulation.

1927: A-1 Following WWI, the A-1 jacket was introduced to accommodate the narrower, technology-filled cockpits of the time. Made from goatskin, sheepskin, or horsehide, the A-1 featured a button-up closure and knit collar, cuffs, and waistband for a more streamlined fit.

Early 1930s: A-2 The A-2 jacket, introduced in the early 1930s, featured a zip closure with a wind flap and a high collar. It retained the knit cuffs and waist to provide insulation, making it ideal for open-air cockpits despite the advent of closed cockpits.

B-3 Introduced in the mid-1930s, the B-3 jacket was the first true bomber jacket designed for high-altitude bombers. Crafted from sheepskin and lined with heavy-duty sheep fur, it featured two leather straps to close its wide sheepskin collar, offering superior warmth at high altitudes.

1940s: G-1 The G-1 jacket, introduced in the 1930s and adopted by Air Corps pilots in 1943, featured a zip front, bi-swing back, and fur collar. Its iconic style is reflected in our Ranger leather bomber jacket, reminiscent of the jacket seen in Top Gun.

B-6 and B-10 The B-6 jacket, introduced in 1943, offered a lower profile and maintained the sheepskin and sheep fur combination of the B-3. The B-10, also introduced in 1943, was a cloth jacket lined with alpaca fur, phasing out the previous B-series jackets with its zip closure and alpaca fur collar.

B-15 The B-15 jacket, introduced in 1944, featured a mouton fur collar, knit waist and cuffs, and a shell made from various materials including cotton and later, nylon. It introduced leather straps for holding oxygen masks, a pen pocket on the upper left arm sleeve, and slash pockets on the front.

MA-1 The MA-1 jacket, introduced in 1949, replaced the B-15’s fur collar with a knit collar to better accommodate parachute harnesses. Originally made with a nylon shell, the MA-1 became the most replicated style of bomber jackets.

1950s, ’60s, and Beyond The MA-1 appeared in Europe in the late 1950s and by the late ’60s, bomber jackets, both leather and otherwise, had found a place in civilian wardrobes worldwide. This evolution reflects a blend of military precision, everyday comfort, and cultural significance.


1. How do you store leather jackets?

You probably won’t be storing your leather bomber jacket much because you’ll want to wear it everywhere! But when the season changes and it’s time to put it away, storing it properly will keep the leather healthy and the jacket in great shape.

  1. Clean It First: Follow the steps in our leather jacket cleaning guide to ensure your jacket is spotless before storing it.
  2. Stuff It: Use acid-free paper to stuff the inside of your leather jacket. This helps maintain its shape and protects against dust, dirt, and moisture.
  3. Wrap It: Wrap your bomber jacket in a breathable fabric. Avoid using plastic and don’t fold the jacket when you wrap it.
  4. Hang It Right: If you have the space, hang the jacket on a wide cedar or padded hanger. Avoid thin wire or plastic hangers. If hanging isn’t an option, store your leather bomber jacket in a wooden (preferably cedar) trunk or a suitcase. Lay it flat without folds or creases and never use a plastic container.
  5. Store in the Right Environment: Keep your jacket in a dry, cool area away from direct sunlight. Excessive light or heat can cause the leather to discolor, expand, dry out, or crack. Moisture can lead to mildew and mold, so placing silica gel packets in the pockets can help absorb any excess moisture.

By following these tips, you’ll ensure your leather bomber jacket stays in top condition, ready for when you want to wear it next.

2. How should you style a leather bomber jacket?

Here are three of our favorite leather bomber jacket outfits.

  1. Jeans + T-Shirt: You can’t go wrong with the classic combo of a leather bomber jacket, a black or white tee, and a pair of jeans. It’s timeless and effortlessly cool.
  2. Sweatshirt: For a more casual vibe, layer a well-fitting hoodie under your leather bomber jacket. Just make sure the hoodie isn’t too baggy for a polished look.
  3. Plaid Button-Down: A leather bomber jacket paired with a plaid button-down shirt is a winning combination. It’s a versatile look that works for many occasions. 

3. How do you break in a leather bomber jacket?

  1. Wear It Regularly: The simplest way to break in a leather jacket is to wear it as often as possible. The more you wear it, the more it will mold to your body and soften up.
  2. Roll It Up: Use your hands to tightly roll your leather jacket into a ball. Release it and repeat the process a few times. This helps to soften the leather and give it a more lived-in look.
  3. Move and Flex: Perform simple movements like arm circles and push-ups while wearing your jacket. This helps to loosen up the leather and accelerate the break-in process. 

Find Your Perfect Fit

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Explore our collection today and experience the perfect blend of style, comfort, and durability with our Men’s Leather Bomber Jackets with Fur Collars. Elevate your wardrobe with these iconic pieces and enjoy free US shipping and exchanges on all orders.