Leatherings creates luxury watch rolls and travel cases with the finest leathers and hand-made traditions. Make sure your multiple timepieces are securely packed in the protective carrying case, and you’ll be ready for anything. Leatherings Watch Rolls are a tradition that you can carry with you.


Luxury watch lovers are not only passionate about timekeeping but also see the watch as a “jewel that tells the time”. Leatherings leather’s rich and impressive watch rolls appeal to watch lovers with great value. Watch rolls are one of the best ways to preserve these precious time jewels in a way that will protect and show their value at all times. When you aren’t wearing your watches, our Watch Rolls are safe and secure places to store them. We handcraft all of our watch cases from leather.


We at Leatherings Leather offer watch roll options that are fashionable and functional, so you can display your watches in style. The products offer functional storage for your watches at home, and they can also be used safely to protect them while traveling and on vacation. Watch rolls are convenient, durable, and easily portable, so you can carry them anywhere you go; the cushions on the inside of the box make it easy for you to wear any watch. Additionally, the specially designed cushion inside the travel case prevents your watches from falling out, even if you shake the case or open it. With one, two, and three compartments to serve the needs of enthusiasts who collect luxury watches, the watch rolls provide an ergonomic solution for carrying many watches in one box.


Luxury watches, which are precious time jewels, should be stored in a delicate beauty and value box. The aesthetic and elegant designs of leather watch rolls complement your elegance, making a harmonious union with your luxury watches.

In addition, colors and design details are personalized upon request for luxury watch rolls produced with a variety of colors to appeal to different tastes and pleasures. We also make hand dye in various colors (purple, pink, orange, etc.) according to your personal tastes and upon request.


Watch rolls are fully hand-made out of 100% real cow leather and feature true craftsmanship, which ensures durability during handling and housing. For watch enthusiasts, these rolls constitute a long-term promise of long-term use as the natural leather for the outside and natural suede leather for the interior stay in the same form for a long time and promise long-term usage.

The natural suede leather used for the cushions offers a natural velvety texture that comes with true craftsmanship. The watch rolls are also implemented with a technique-reinforced structure to safely protect your luxury watches.

Watch rolls are indispensable equipment for luxury watch enthusiasts, besides extensive listings of leatherings handcrafted leather watch rolls for your watch collection. Bosphorus handcrafted leather watch rolls are a role model for your watch collection.

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