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How to Care for a Leather Apron

How to Care for a Leather Apron

Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a leather apron. With it, you can show off your cooking skills and look cool simultaneously. Whether you are a professional chef, a master chef, or a master of local sauces, a bbq leather apron makes you look part of it. And did you know that leather APRONs are perfect for restaurants? They are sturdy, look great and give your restaurant a professional look. Unfortunately, when you cook, the APRONs are dirty. That’s the kind of the point of using an apron. So to keep your leather barbecue apron in excellent condition, you need to clean it properly and take good care of it. But don’t worry, we will tell you how to do this.

Please note that all the details below relate to all Leather Apron, except those in our premium collection. These professional APRONs probably do not care and will be mentioned at the end of this article.

Why Should you Clean your Leather Aprons?

Some stains give the character of the skin chef an APRON. A few wrinkles or spatters will make the apron look sturdy and unique. This shows that a passionate cook uses the APRON. When you buy your leather cooking apron fitted with a specially developed coating, this allows the skin to absorb water and blemishes so that the skin does not contaminate red wine, oil, tomato sauce, or any other waste product. In addition, You can easily remove everything you waste. But if you use your APRON every day, why not? Sometimes things get a little out of hand, and you may need to clean something up. After all, you still want to be able to see that your APRON is made of leather. Fortunately, cleaning your skin APRONs and keeping the skin in good condition is not difficult. Just follow our guidelines, and you and your APRON will be ready to cook up the adventures for many years.

Care for a Leather Apron

How to Wash a Leather Apron?

To keep your cooking apron skin clean, you need to clean it from time to time, but cleaning is not the same as washing. Can you wash the leather APRON in the washing machine? No! However, you can do it, but not if you want to continue using it later. The skin is not suitable for the washing machine. We understand that throwing the APRONs into the washing machine may be desirable, especially if you have a lot of APRONs in your restaurant, but it will do a lot of damage to the APRON. The protective coat will disappear, and the skin will crack and tear. So never use your washing machine when cleaning your APRON. Hand washing is also not a good idea. The skin will soak in water, which will remove the coating and dry the skin. So how do you wash your APRON properly? Well, we can advise you not to wash your bbq skin apron. However, you can clean it differently.

How do you Clean a Leather Apron?

When cleaning your leather apron, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first is that water is not a friend of the skin. Using too much water will make the apron stains worse and remove the protective clothing. Secondly, it is important to use a proper cleanser to keep the skin in good condition. To ensure that you can continue to use your leather cooking apron for years, you can thoroughly clean it in the next six steps.

Step 1: Use a damp cloth

After cooking, you can remove the stains with a damp cloth. Please note the word water, so it is not wet. Water contaminates the skin. With a lot of water, the stain you are trying to remove will get into the skin, so you will never be able to get rid of it. So take a damp, soft cloth and wipe the stains. Do not use hot or cold water; warm Luke gives a good effect. This works best if you remove the stains immediately after cooking.

Step 2: Use a special leather cleaner

If the wet cloth is not enough to remove the stains, you can use a special leather cleaner. Usually, these are sold in spray bottles. Spray the skin with a clean cloth to wipe the dirt off the apron. Never use soap or other detergents not intended for use on natural skin. And do not use a furniture cleaner. These cleansers will remove natural oils from the skin and will cause them to dry out, causing tears and cracks.

Step 3: Clean the entire apron

No matter how careful you are when you clean your apron, you can change the color of your skin. To preserve the environment, the same color should always clean the perfect apron. Do not just clean the stains and blemishes, but treat the whole apron at once. This will prevent color variation and the protective cover from being evenly spaced throughout the quilt.

Step 4: Cleaning the back of the leather bbq apron

The back of your leather BBQ Apron is usually not as smooth as the front. It is suede. So the back of the apron needs to be cleaned differently than before. Back you can also use a skin cleanser. You spray it, but take a soft brush to mix the stains carefully. Circular movements usually work much better. After brushing, you take a clean cloth and wipe off the dirt.

Step 5: Airdry your leather chef apron

After cleaning your APRON, you should let it dry. It is best to hang the apron to maintain its natural shape. Avoid hanging the APRON in direct sunlight. It will dry quickly, but only if the skin is dry, so You can tear it quickly. So keep your hair dryer, heater, and sun away from your wet skin APRON. You will only cause damage.

Step 6: Treat the leather

The most important step is taking care of your APRON. After thoroughly cleaning the APRON, it is possible to remove the protective layer from the skin. To protect the skin from dehydration and to keep the skin moisturized properly, you should replace this protective layer with a special skin wax that you can find in our web store here. This all-natural wax is specially designed to treat the skin cooks’ APRON and keeps it in excellent condition. It contains, among other things, linseed oil in Carnauba beeswax.

How to care for a leather apron

In addition to cleansing, you must keep the skin in good condition. This makes cleaning easier and will ensure that your leather barbecue APRON always looks the best. Because the skin is a natural product, You must treat it with care. Fortunately, we are experienced in producing durable leather APRONs and can give you tips on caring for a leather APRON.

Tip 1: Use Special leather maintenance wax

As mentioned above, skin wax or skin conditioner makes the skin waterproof, resistant to dirt, and soft. It helps to keep the skin looking good and prevents cracking and cracking. It is therefore important to treat your cooking APRON with skin wax regularly. Grease an APRON and leave it open for about 15 minutes so the skin can absorb it. After fifteen minutes, you wipe off most of the fat. This Maintenance wax is also good for ruining your leather jacket or chair.

Tip 2: Keep the air flowing

The best way to keep your APRON hanging. This way, it can simply dry in the air after use or cleaning. If you have a lot of leather aprons, leave space between them so air can easily reach the apron. The skin needs oxygen to stay in good condition. So do not keep your apron in a sealed bag, and do not place leather aprons next to each other. You can keep it in a cupboard, as long as the cupboard is airtight.

Tip 3: Store at room temperature

Your bbq leather APRON is your best friend in the kitchen and has no problem with stove heat or grill. It can also protect you from the heat. Unable to withstand heat for long. When it is hot, the skin will dry out, and dry skin will harden and crack easily. Your leather APRON is best kept in a very hot place.

Tip 4: Never fold it

We can’t say it enough: never fold your APRON. It will create irreversible creases, and eventually, the skin will crack. The longer it is folded, the deeper and worse the creases and cracks. If you want to go with your APRON and want to make a small package with it, you wrap your APRON.

Tip 5: Don’t stretch it

The skin is a natural product and can be stretched. It will easily return to its natural state after being stretched, making it very comfortable to wear. The more you use your leather APRON, the easier and more comfortable it will be. However, if you stretch too much a part of the skin or keep it extended for a long time, it will not return to its original state. So please do not put heavy objects on the apron, as it will cause endless stretching.

Tip 6: Don’t use chemicals

No matter how bad the stains are, never use chemicals on your leather APRONs, even if they are designed for use on leather furniture. Chemicals will remove the protective coating on your apron, and without protective adhesive stains, it will be absorbed into the skin very easily. Chemicals also dry out the skin.

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