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Salty Crew Hoodie

Salty Crew pays tribute to the thrill-seekers of the past and present. If you live your life on the water then consider yourself a part of the crew. Maybe you find yourself chasing waves, reeling in fish, diving, or just kicking back on the beach. After all, Salty Crew is about appreciating the ocean and all it has to offer. From T-shirts and hats to long sleeves and sweatshirts, Salty Crew has your back no matter where your next adventure takes you.

Salty Crew is a brand that seeks to bring surf culture back to its outcast roots. According to Salty Crew, surf culture has fled from the beach. This brand brings surf apparel back to a time when the surf lifestyle was all about spending as much time as possible at the beach and in the ocean, appreciating what they have to offer. This is why a part of the Salty Crew’s logo says “Surf, Fish, Dive, Sail”. All of these activities revolve around the beach and the ocean. You can see the brand’s love for the ocean in their snapbacks and other products as well. The colors scream ocean, and many of their shirts and hats have fish graphics. Naturally, Salty Crew offers a very casual style.