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Leather Satchel

Discover the most versatile bag style with men’s satchel bags and add a classic design to your everyday life. Our leather satchels are a symbol of pride in your personal appearance, a badge of honour in your next business meeting and a trusted companion on your daily travels. Available in a variety of colours and sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect men’s work satchel. Say hello to a shoulder bag with a twist, a men’s satchel bag enhanced for the present day. Handcrafted in England by our skilled makers, this bag’s wearer is telling the world he appreciates authenticity, quality and timeless design.

Stylish Satchels for Men and Women

Our unisex range of leather satchels are a stylish way to transport your essentials day to day. Choose from our flagship vintage brown or ebony black leather and finish it off with your embroidered initials in black, grey, white or brown thread. Each style in the collection comes with it’s own individual features such as front pockets, internal pockets and top handles but all are finished with brass fittings including sturdy buckles and clips.

A Timeless Classic

You might associate the leather satchel with action man Indiana Jones but the leather satchel actually dates back to Roman times where it was used to store personal belongings and food rations during transit. They called it Loculus, meaning ‘little place’. Today the leather satchel is used much in the same way. It’s a little place to store essentials and keep them secure during transit but it’s also frequently still used as book bag – a role which the leather satchel took on between 300-900AD when missionaries and monks would use them to carry religious texts safely. In the 17th century, the leather satchel started to be seen as a fashion accessory and soon became the go to bag for school and university. Shakespeare even refers to a ‘whining school-boy, with his satchel’ in his play ‘As You Like It’ but it wasn’t until the 50’s and 60’s that the leather satchel became a staple for British students. The vintage satchel continues to inspire our collection today as we aim to encapsulate quintessential British style with the traditional leather making processes deep rooted in Indian culture.