How to Wear a Bomber Jacket

How to Wear a Bomber Jacket

In the First World War, Bomber Jacket Outfit was originally constructed from thick leather to keep pilots from getting shivering in freezing temperatures. Before becoming popular among the general public, the garments underwent radical changes.

What is a Bomber Jacket?

There are three main parts of the Genuine Leather Bomber Jackets: a stretchable collar, a tight waistband, and cuffs that are usually achieved through elastic bands. But the materials, colors, and styles may vary widely. In order to provide a warm and durable outfit, the military originally used leather, but today the jackets are also made from satin, wool, cotton, and suede.

How to Style a Bomber Jacket?

It is possible to style in numerous ways. Therefore, I have divided it into several categories and ideas that can help you pick one.

Vintage Style:

Having authentic Leather Bomber Jackets with Fur Collar is always great, but finding one can be difficult, and if you do find one it will be very expensive. It is better to pick something that resembles the original or a replica. Combine your black flight jacket with straight jeans and hard-looking boots for a classic look.

Shearling Flight Jacket

Shearling Leather jackets are luxuriously appealing, and only a few men’s garments can match their quality. They were originally lined with fur in the military and were known as the warmest flight jacket. They were popular among the military and have been used ever since. Wool was eventually added to the jacket, replacing the fur, while keeping it warm. Both synthetic and shearling jackets are still worn today by buff dudes due to popular styles such as the B3 Bomber Jacket and the G 1 Flight Jacket.

Tom Hardy’s striking use of a bomber jacket in Dunkirk caught my attention while I was researching ways to style it. His jacket was a modern interpretation of the wartime jacket, it included all the essential features such as an insulated collar, zipper upfront, and belted waist and pockets for extra functionality. For a street style chic look like Hardy, team the jacket with a white tee and jeans.

A gentleman’s look can be achieved by pairing a shearling jacket with dress pants, pastel color shirts, and a scarf for maximum style and functionality. You’ll receive lots of compliments on this kind of dressing.

Suede Bomber Jacket

Choose a suede bomber jacket to spice up your everyday outfit, it might not be your best option in the rain, but the impact it leaves behind is undeniable. Pair Beige Suede Jacket with dress pants and a color to create a traditional look. When paired with black or blue jeans, dark blue, white, and black make a modernized appearance.

Experiment with Different Colors

In the past, the bomber jackets outfit were typically made of heavy-duty leather, and the predominant color would be brown or black, however, now we have the privilege to wear them in several different colors and materials, including suede, nylon, cotton, and wool. The following bomber jackets come in some of the best colors.

Green Bomber Jacket

The color green is one of my favorites, particularly olive or military green bomber jackets; these jackets have an aesthetic appeal that is ideal to achieve a smart casual look. While the bomber jacket looks good on its own as well, it usually complements the rest of your wardrobe. It looks great with neutral-colored pants such as beige, white, and khaki.

White Bomber Jacket

If worn correctly, white bomber jackets look highly attractive, even though they may not be the first choice of clothing. Since it’s a neutral color, it goes well with a wide range of things, but I suggest pairing it with a cool contrast color like black or grey. Khakis, chinos, and denim would work well as pants for the spring season. You can even wear shorts.

Red Bomber Jacket

In order to make a statement with a bright red jacket, your ensemble needs to be sober. If you’re wearing a red jacket, the rest of your outfit should follow suit. Combine a horizontal stripe tee with neutral-toned chinos to balance the look.

Unconventional Colors

The fear of looking like a clown is usually the reason people avoid colors like orange and pink, but don’t be afraid to try it if you’re confident enough.

Varsity Jacket

Harvard University developed the Varsity or Letterman jacket in order to recognize baseball players’ performances. In addition to honoring athletics, the jacket has gained popularity among other students and represents identity through the schools initials instead of acknowledging them as athletes. With a stretchable cuff and hem, the Letterman jacket resembles a bomber jacket.

Formal Look

Over a button up shirt, tie, and dress pants, pair a black varsity jacket with a well-polished look; you can also layer it under a sweater in colder weather.

Casual Look

A single jacket can be worn in countless ways; you can wear it with a shirt, t-shirt, sweater, khakis, sweatpants or shorts. Casual style can be experimental but still have room for comfort.

A bomber jacket can be seen as the ancestor of all leather jackets; it is a versatile piece of outerwear that is stylish and can be worn numerous ways. Men’s bomber jackets that are well designed and taken care of can last a lifetime. It is important that your bomber jacket outfit fits well, as well as the rest of the outfit you’re wearing it with, in order to get most from it.


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