The Short, Tragic Life of the 8 Ball Jacket

8 ball jackets

The 8 Ball Jacket is a bomber jacket style on which the number eight has been sewn, along with two “8 balls.” This type of clothing first appeared in the 1950s and was characterized by its comfortable fit. The elements of this iconic clothing are still used in new designs today.

What does it symbolize?

An ‘8’ is embroidered onto the front of the jacket, representing good luck. There are often two ‘8 balls’ at either side of the breast pocket, each meaning something different: one being for good luck and the other signifying the wearer is playing pool (pocketing balls). The 8 ball leather jacket has a very comfortable fit, often with an inner lining of silk to make it easy to slip on and off.

8 ball jacket
8 ball jacket

One meaning could be that they are referencing their past life in which they were successful gamblers. Still, this theory doesn’t necessarily hold much water considering the true intent when these jackets were originally worn.

The other primary way these jackets could be interpreted would be that the 8 represents one rotation around the sun (eight months). The two 8-balls represent weighing scales that signify either birth or death depending on where they are positioned concerning each other. This may seem odd to wear without knowing their meaning; however, it has become a ludicrous fashion statement.

Who are the intended users?’

The intended user of an eight-ball jacket would be someone who wants to make a ridiculous fashion statement. Hipsters are primarily associated with wearing such jackets. They like to infuse their attire with as much irony as possible (and there is nothing more ironic than an eight-ball jacket). No class or age limit applies to those who want to wear these jackets; everyone can pull off such a style if they feel like doing so.

Why do people wear them?

People wear these jackets to make a ridiculous fashion statement and because it is so ludicrous. Anyone of any age or class can wear it without the fear of not pulling off such an unusual style.

When do people wear them?

As stated before, people will tend to wear this type of jacket to make a statement that they want all eyes on them, and what better way to do that than with an outlandish style like this?

People who like wearing ironic styles may choose this over other options as there is nothing quite like it. The eight ball jacket has become known for its low-key nature; one probably won’t get strange looks while wearing such a jacket.

Where do people wear them?

People will likely wear this type of jacket when they want to make a statement, whether during an important meeting, at school, or even out on the town. It has become associated with the hipster culture, and it is seen as more of a laid-back style that You can wear at any age or class. The 8 ball jacket is popular because it doesn’t attract too much attention; its low profile makes it ideal for those who desire edgy without scaring off all bystanders.


The 8 Ball Jacket was first introduced in the 1950s and became popular once again in the 2000s. It is often associated with hipsters and has become a popular style for those who desire something edgy without scaring off all bystanders. The 8 Ball Jacket was initially worn as outerwear during gambling sessions. It featured two eight balls on either side of the breast pocket, one signifying good luck and the other meaning that they were playing pool (pocketing balls).

Despite its original purpose, it has become more of a low-key style that anyone can wear to make a statement about their sense of style. People wear these jackets because it makes them stand out from the crowd and is an easy outfit to wear when going out for drinks with friends or just taking a casual stroll around town.

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